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Our Supporters

RVA Dance Collective would like to extend the utmost thanks and gratitude to the following supporters.

The following individuals helped make the 2012 spring concert, elephant ballerina: dreams do come true a huge success by donating to the company through their kickstarter campaign!

Thank you again! We could not have done this without you!

Casey Royer
Linda Mays
Donna Burki
Melissa Burgess
Lynda Halliday Howe
Jodi Valo Gray
Sarah Sobeck
Bill Buckman
Ashley Valo
Danielle Ramon
Kate Kikta
Terrance Henderson
Jacqueline Robinson
Danielle Currica
Burgess Surveying

Janet Campbell
Lynn Huntley
Sylvia Robinson
Freddie Gray
Frank Campbell
Benjamin Zuses
Cenk Kalemdaroglu
Cathy Burgess
Carol Valo
Abby Karp
Colin Bircher
Kayla Hersperger
Mike Burgess
Adam Caldwell
George Huntley

Photo by Dave Parrish

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